Photo by Dan Pang

Photo by Dan Pang

Hailing from the deep suburbs of Northern Virginia, Tyler Plazio picked up a guitar at age 6. He would soon form Soldiers of Suburbia (SOS) with one goal in mind: to be the best rock and roll band in the world. 

As the young band tried to find its way with a rotating lineup of friends, SOS eventually got their groove as a power trio with the addition of Collin Henson on bass and Izzy France on drums in late 2016. 

SOS would go on to earn a spot at the Jammin' Java Band Battle Finals 2016, run a Kickstarter campaign for their debut EP and play countless gigs all over the DC-Maryland-Virginia region, notably The 9:30 Club.

By August 2017, while staying friends, the guys chose to go their separate ways and pursue other projects.

In the interim, as a one-man band (literally), Plazio produced a six-song EP entitled "Eating Cigarettes" and released it in September 2017 through his self-created label, “Dude, Sick! Records”. One part therapy and three parts angst, the first single, "Rollercoasters" is an unvarnished look at the highs and lows of the past year. The album stands as a testament to young Plazio's songwriting and guitar chops and marks his first "official" foray into emo territory. 

Now on its fourth year and reincarnated as a duo with John Brooks on drums, SOS marches on and intends to bring an even louder and grittier sound while still staying true to their pop punk roots that friends, fans and followers have come to love. - Jay Tamangan (Rogue Crayon)